Welcome to The Language Gym!

The Language Gym website was created in the belief that language learning is very much like building strength, flexibility, endurance, muscles and speed in gym sports such as, for example boxing, gymnastics and crossfit. We now offer French, Spanish, Italian and German.

Ideal for in-class AND remote teaching

All the content in the Language Gym is ideal for independent learning because of the careful scaffolding and heavy recycling. All activities are self marking (instant feedback), and teachers get a powerful score report that they can use to track student progress. All content can be set as a class assignment via the teacher control panel. Teachers can also easily create fully customisable Live Games, with a leaderboard that can be displayed and which updates live as students play. Extensive testing has shown this to really boost competition and therefore motivation levels inside the classroom.

The Verb Trainer will provide you with valuable practice in the conjugation of verbs. Assisted by the Cheat Sheet (which contains the answers) you will be able to learn how verb endings change from person to person and tense to tense. Thanks to the Verb Translation, provided for each verb, by practising only a few minutes a day, you will be able to type verbs fast and accurately; and also know what they mean. This is a key component on the road to fluency.

The Grammar and Vocabulary Workouts have been designed to gradually expand your command of a wide range of vocabulary through techniques rooted in memory research. Each module recycles the vocabulary over and over again, building a vast network of associations with old and new words, thereby making words “stick”. The feedback from our student and teacher users has been outstanding in this respect.

The Boxing Game is played under time constraints in order to develop speed of recognition - a much needed prerequisite for fluency. Students work in and out of target language (and sometimes both at the same time!) This is definitely the most fun and popular of our games.

The Rock-Climbing Game was designed to develop the language-learner’s grasp of how the syntax of the target language works, which relates to what psycholinguists call “parsing skills” – a set of skills crucial to comprehension.

More great content added every week : our pledge to you is to keep adding quality content - at least 5 units per week. We have met this target, and more, since launching the site.

Coming next on The Language Gym:

The Locker Room with over 1000 downloadable worksheets authored by renowned award-winning, materials-writer Dr Gianfranco Conti, and co-writers Dylan Viñales and Ronan Jezequel.

Listening Section with Conti style L.A.M. sequences and a Listening Boxing Game are in the pipeline, as well. We are also developing a primary Mandarin boxing game and rock climbing game. Watch this space!

The TLG Team